Friday, 23 May 2008

Lil' Wayne's Ill Brain

Its not often I have anything to say about Lil' Wayne, except "what the fuck is that dude on?" (The answer to this is obviously sizzurp, so I'm not gonna say that again). However, I caught this video on youtube and it is genius. Its like a lil' insight into what must be going through Weezy's brain at the exact nanosecond he conceives his lyrics. So peep this, and imagine yourself as a psychoanalist delving into his psyche as this is probably the closest you're going to get, being that in every interview with him I've ever seen he seems to be off his fucking nut.

PS: Check out Damn I'm Cold off Bun B's new LP Ill Trill for some more Weezy ridiculousnesseezy. The beat is off the lil' heezy. Fa sheezy. (stop it).

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