Wednesday, 28 November 2007

Its Oh So Quiet

Its damn quiet here in the office today, so for once I thought I’d take some time out to pop a little summin’ summin’ up on here for a change. I threw up the Scarface video earlier today – if you’re hating on that track, you’re obviously a joker, so jog on. Not much has been moving on the hip-hop front down here in the South Easy. No big shows of any size, and nothing seems to be on the radar either. This time of year is always a quiet one as the students start drifting back to their famalams, and the cold weather seems to stop people wanting to travel further than is strictly necessary in search of a good night out.

If you haven’t heard it yet, go check out the new Wu Tang long player – 8 Diagrams. Aside from a few minor irritations (I’m not a big fan of some of the singing up on there) its definitely a return to form for the crew from the 1-6-Oooooh. There are some on fire verses from Meth and Ghost – fuck it, all of the Clan bring the heat during the course of the LP, obviously dedicated to the man ODB (Rest in peace Ol’ Dirty!). So go find yourself a copy and get into that kung-fu frame of mind. Wu-Tang Clan still ain’t nuttin’ to fuck wit’.

Anyway, its time for the random Fantana Reports Top 10. On fire my good man.

1./ Girl You Know - Scarface
2./ Posse From The Bronx – Camp Lo (Black Hollywood LP)
3./ I’m So Hood Remix (yes, really) – DJ Khaled feat. Jeezy, Luda, Busta, etc.
4./ Ego Trip – Dubbledge ft/ Skrein (Richest Man in Babylon LP)
5./ Weak Spot – Wu Tang Clan (8 Diagrams LP)
6./ Prove Me Wrong – Rick Ross ft/ Devin The Dude
7./ We Gon Ride – Saigon ft/ Tru Life
8./ Stop, Look, Listen – Statik Selektah ft/ Styles P, Termanology & Q-Tip
9./ Get Naked You Beezy – The Federation
10./ Popos – Turf Talk ft/ E-40 (West Coast Vaccine LP)

And a big special shout to my man 184 who has put the finishing touches on his remix of my track Ill Padrino, as well as G-Petz laid down some ill chops in the hook. I’ll link it up on my myspace as soon as I get a second.


Scarface ft/ Trey Songs: Girl You Know

Big Big tune from Mr Scarface...

Wednesday, 21 November 2007

3 Lions In The Dirt

What a pile of shit. What a completely inept 93 minutes. That Isle-of-Wight haired twat can go and collect his P45 along with Del Boy Venables. The FA can fuck off too for taking the cheap option and promoting Second Choice Steve instead of going all out to secure Big Phil Scolari or someone who has actually done something worthwhile in football. You desk jockeys better get it right next time. The players can fuck off too. Except for LA Becks and Ten Foot Tall Timmmmmehhhh, who actually showed some passion. So much for the Gerrard/Lampard debate. I can now settle it once and for all. They are both a pile of shit. Earlier today, I ripped the shit out of a work collegue who dared to announce he'd put money on England losing. Now, I wish I'd put some scrilla on. 7 to fucking 1. I'd be able to afford to go out and drown my sorrows now if I had. Put them in a big fucking sack with some bricks, and throw it off the pier. I guess if I'm going to have to look on the plus side, my liver might be saved a good caning in the summer next year, 'cause I doubt I'll be spending it in the pub watching football...

Wednesday, 14 November 2007

DJ Khaled - I'm So Hood RMX

Featuring Young Jeezy, Ludacris, Busta Rhymes, Big Boi, Lil Wayne, Fat Joe, Birdman and Rick Ross... Boom.

Friday, 9 November 2007

Dubbledge Instore @ Rare Kind Gallery, Brighton

Lowlife emcee Dubbledge touched down in Brighton at the Rare Kind Gallery yesterday to promote his new album The Richest Man In Babylon, and a fantastic number of local heads turned out to support. The live procedings were kicked off by Last Minute Records' Salvo, after Daps had bumped the vibe up spinning some hot joints for the crowd who had ignored the shitty weather to represent. Salvo's been making noise recently, winning freestyle battles up in the Smoke, and over his brother 184's beats he definitely comes off well.

Next up was 'Edge, and he didn't disappoint, blasting through tracks filled with that trademark swagger and the odd story about a tramp shitting in a bin. Nasty. From Ego Trip to Da Work Out, there were some definitely big tracks on display here. Now I hadn't heard too much of Dubbledge before yesterday, just the odd guest verses I've heard on Foreign Beggars tracks and various other places, but I was impressed enough to hand over some hard earned scrilla to bag myself a copy of the LP, and it should get some heavy rotation in the coming weeks. If you get a chance to see him live, or pick up a copy of the album, then do it. I don't think you'll be disappointed.

Big big love to Das @ Rare Kind for sorting this out - rumour has it that there could well be another instore from someone else in December, so keep your eyes peeled.

Photos courtesy of Damian Jennings

Tuesday, 6 November 2007

Black Grass back @ Cargo

This Saturday - (10/11/07) - Brighton's finest, Black Grass, touch down at Cargo again for the second in a 6-month residency. Support comes from Infinite Livez, and a few other people, who I must profess never to have heard of... Anyway, come down, have a drink and a dance, and get rowdy.

New Funkdoobiest Single

Yes yes. Funkdoobiest have always been one of my favourite crews since I first threw Which Doobie U B on the stereo back in my school days. They've just announced a new LP, which should be big, if thats the kind of thing that you might be into.

Anyway, here's a link I've hijacked from Oh Word to their new single, Hip Hop. Original title I know, but look past that, and this is a pretty big slab of latino boom bap.

Hip Hop

Funkdoobiest's Myspaz page

Weng Weng

Fuck me. I've never heard of this dude Weng Weng before, but I'm pretty glad I have now. With a rap by Canadian hip-hop crew The Chuds, here's a little montage of the Filipino midget James Bond... Weng Weng Weng Weng - 2'9", He'll kick you in the nut-sack from behind... Ahem.