Thursday, 6 November 2008

Lions In The Forest - Pain Language

Whuddup fools. I kind went missing over the whole of October didn't I. Well in the words of Timberland and One Republic, its too late to apologise. So I won't. I've been busy though. Busy slacking. Anyway, I got hold of the new offering from DJ Muggs and Planet Asia the other day, and it is really rather good. Pain Language is the name, and its exactly the kind of sounding album you'd expect from a Muggs production, and Planet Asia has always had a dope flow since I heard him on Rasco's first LP a while back. So I thought I'd share this video with you. For my fam into their UK shit, you may well recognise the two samples up on this one as they've both been used by UK crews in the past. The intro to this track is also the intro to First Down's Pyramids of Power, off the World Service LP, and the main beat is good old Bob James (Farandole if my memory serves me correct) and was used on Hijack's LP Horns of Jericho. Anyway, I think Planet Asia kills this, so check it out... My only beef is that most lions are surely found in the jungle rather than the forest?

Yours truly

Koko Skillachi aka Stone Cold Steve Irwin.

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