Thursday, 23 April 2009

Adventures Down Under Pt III

Well its been a week of ups and downs as usual over here in rainy (sic) Australia. Finally moved into a new yard in the Redfern ghetto - seriously - there are po-po posters up on the streets warning people to watch out for CARJACKERS. Shiiiit. Good job I don't drive then... Anyway, no sooner have I moved, then my workplace shafts me up the gary for having to take an evening off to finish moving stuff. Fucking wankers. Which now means I have a new yard, but less money to pay for it. Which means I've got to get out on the job hunt again. Whilst being broke. And working out where I'm gonna get the money to pay for food. Wankers. Thats all I can say. Actually, I'll say a lot more once I get a new job sorted - then I'll really let rip on their bitch asses. Anyway, I got a definite possibility from a lil' Italian restaurant up in Leichhardt - so keep your fingers crossed for me on that one. Cocktail barman in a restaurant sounds way more my cup of tea than cocktail barman in a place that closes at 6am - and means that if I get it, I'll actually be able to get to some more jams and have some semblance of a social life, possibly leading to actually getting some gigs around this motherfucker. Aside from this minor blip, things in Syd City are good.

Here's the song for the day. Mr Lif - Live From The Plantation

Mr Lif - Live From the Plantation

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