Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Yelawolf - Trunk Musik

I've recently come across this cat called Yelawolf from Alabama, and the kid has a serious flow mixed in with his southern states drawl. First came across him on a track with the Wu's Raekwon, and now I've done a little bit of online exploration, I've hit upon his new mixtape Trunk Musik. And man, as well as the Chef jawnt, which enough to download this shit for on its own, there are some other serious bangers. On Good To Go, Wolf lyrically spars with UGK's Bun B - and blows him away. Seriously. The first verse on this track is insane. Double time, multisyllabic goodness on a par with anything Em could deliver in his prime. And the best part of it - its free. This is a legit download, so waste no time, and head here to pick it up.

Other links: Yelawolf's Myspace page

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