Thursday, 11 October 2007

Black Grass & Koaste @ Soundcrash

If you're in the capital this Saturday night, get your ass(es) down to Cargo in Shoreditch for Soundcrash, this month featuring Ex Anti Pop Consortium emcee Beans, former ITF World Champion DJ Woody, and Brighton's number one eclectic party rocking outfit Black Grass, featuring none other than Koaste aka Benny Fantana on mic duties, alongside the ever present Mex behind the ones and twos. Its gonna be a big night for sure, so unless you have some other pressing matter to attend to, your presence is expected.

And in the immortal words of seminal chart dirge MN8, I've got a little something for you. And it's in the form of a video featuring DJ Woody's Flutine Routine. Chow down then bow down.

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