Friday, 26 October 2007

Slack Fucker

Yes yes yes... I know I've been slack as a slack-jawed motherfucker, but I've been mad busy down here at the Heights getting shit ready to hand to the label for my debut solo release. Got two big tunes ready and raring to go, featuring beats from the mighty Mex of Black Grass and Tom Caruana, and that shit should be going to the press for the new year I'd imagine, so you're gonna have to keep patient for the time being. Been working on a load of new stuff for various projects, keeping myself occupied with only my pen, pad, and copy of PES 2008 to keep me company. Yes yes, I know that Pro Evo ain't conducive to a fruitful productive period, but hey, a mans gotta have his outlets...

Anyway, I promise I'll get some new bits up here to keep you going real soon.

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