Monday, 8 October 2007

Waxheds ft/ Koaste Review

Available at Suspect Packages, Rare Kind and other reputable outlets now, the debut release from The Waxheds featuring Brighton veteran Koaste has been getting a steady stream of good reviews including this one from UKHH:

Here’s a name that will be familiar to a few of the old UKHH regulars, Koaste! This has got to be the first ‘solo’ work I’ve seen him do for years and it would appear that teaming up with The Waxheds (a production crew from Surrey) was a good little move.

The first track “Ill Padrino” is produced superbly for the title, with some rustic Italian samples immersing you in the theme of the track. The second “Menace II Sobriety” is more rowdy shit, with what sounds like some mashed up prog-rock organ thing going on. On both tracks Koaste shows his ferocious skill on the mic, dropping more footie references than I’ve heard in a minute!

On the basis of this release, two things are clear. Waxheds are a dope duo who promise great things in the future and Koaste has still got the skills to hold a track down lyrically.

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