Tuesday, 2 October 2007

Where Are They Now Pt.1

Ah... the wonderful world of myspace. Everyone's got a page. From the hottest new acts, to some of, well, the more obscure artists from rap's back catalogue. Its also a great place to check for new material from those who haven't been heard from for a while, or who did most of their best work on other people's shit.

Anyway, here's three of my personal favourites from the late 90's, with links to some of their new tracks which in my opinion are sounding dope as fuck.

1./ Lord Have Mercy

Usually found residing on various releases from the Flipmode Squidad back catalogue, LHM aka Hip Hop's Joseph Stalin was best known for his deep voice, which his fam told him sounded like the voice of God - hence the name. His track with DV Alias Khryst (see below) on the first Lyricist Lounge LP was fire.

2./ DV Alias Khryst

Located on records ranging from Smoothe Da Hustler's first LP Once Upon A Time In America to various Non Phixion releases such as Make It Happen, DV's trademark flow always seemed to add a little summink summink to spice up an otherwise average track. He's got some ill new stuff up on his page, so go chiggedy check that shit.

3./ Nine

Nine Livez was one of the first albums to really grab my attention and shake me around a bit back in my teenage years. With a voice that sounds like he's been gargling with sand after chowing down on wall cavity insulation, you'd have thought he'd have permanently ruined his voicebox by now (especially since my drunk impressions at ciphers usually end up with me coughing my guts up for the following 45mins). Anyway, I'm pleased to say he's still going, so visit his page, and sign the petition for him to record another track with Ribbit Froggy Frog*.

*This petition may only exist in my head.

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